Employee Assistance Program Trainings

Most employers that contract with Center for Family Life and Recovery, Inc.’s Employee Assistance Program (CFLR, Inc.’s EAP) receive a free training of choice. The free training credit expires every contract year, unless otherwise specified. Additional training is available at an extra cost.

Trainings are provided on-site or may be provided at CFLR, Inc.’s Utica office (max. 40 people). When conducting a training on-site, the trainer brings all of the necessary equipment. All that is needed is a suitable training space, access to both an electrical outlet and extension cord, and a blank wall to project the presentation on. The trainer provides all handouts and resources.

Please view the EAP training catalog.

EAP Orientation available here – online.  Please simply click this link, run in slideshow mode.

EAP Orientation 2016

EAP Supervisory Referral training available here. Please click this link and run in slideshow mode.

Supervisory Referral slides.2

More trainings will be coming soon too!


Please call (315) 733-1726.