Adult Anger Management Program
A 10-session Anger Management Program open to anyone in the community. Must call to register
$15 a session for 10 sessions
Contact Bernadette Wormuth 768-2661


Serves adult males who have engaged in domestic violence and are court ordered into treatment. The CHOICES Program is a best practice group counseling model, with a goal of helping clients reduce their risk of engaging in further acts of intimate partner abuse.

Clinical Supervision

CFLR, Inc. partners with human service agencies, who employ clinical professionals, providing them with clinical supervision services from our licensed professional staff members.

Family Preservation (DSS Counseling)

Provides individuals and couples with family counseling in Oneida and Herkimer Counties that are referred by DSS due to abuse and neglect.

General Counseling

Serves individuals, couples and families by providing professional counseling to address mental health, family and behavior issues that are negatively affecting an individual’s ability to function, on a daily basis.

IMPACT Program

Serves families and children, below the age of 18, that reside in Herkimer County New York, who have serious emotional disorders; or, who are deemed at-risk due to emotional or behavioral disorders. The IMPACT Program is a best practice family support program, which offers services in the following areas: Family Advocacy/Support; Aggression Reduction; parenting skills.

Juvenile Perpetrators (JP)

Serves youth and their families that reside in Oneida County New York, who are at risk for involvement and/or re-involvement in the juvenile justice system; or, out of home placement due to committing sexual abuse or engaging in other types of sexual behavior problems.

PINS Diversion/Family Support – Contracts with HCDSS and Herkimer County Mental Health
Crisis intervention and counseling services for youth and their families. Services are provided at home in school and in the community. The purpose is to avoid unnecessary Family Court involvement or out of home placement. Support services so that parents are empowered to provide the highest level of care and be as effective as possible in advocating for services that will enable their children to be successful in school. Individual and group support counseling for families who have a youth that has been designated as emotionally disturbed or are at risk of such a designation. This program combined of the PINS and IMPACT programs which merged in 2015.
– Youth up to 18 years old, Herkimer County, referred by parents and school for behavioral issues at home and in school. The goal is to decrease the number of youth being placed outside of the home and increase in home family counseling.
– Best practice family support program for family advocacy, support, aggression reduction, parenting skills.
– Partnered with Herkimer Co. Probation, HCDSS, and CLFR, Inc.


Sexual Abuse Treatment Program (SATP)

Serves youth (and their families) that reside in Oneida County New York, who have been sexually abused by providing specialized sexual victimization treatment services to help them cope with the abuse they experienced in a functional way and to minimize their risk of being re-abused.

Sexual Offender Treatment Program (SOTP)

Serves adults who have sexually abused children and adolescents below the age of consent by providing individual, family and group therapy. Uses a holistic, cognitive behavioral approach combining principals of relapse prevention risk, needs and responsivity, and good lives concepts.

Supportive Care Management

Serves adults, aged 18 and over, who meet the New York State Office of Mental Health’s criteria for severe and persistent mental illness. This program is conducted in partnership with The Neighborhood Center, Inc.Catholic Charities of Oneida and Madison Counties and Center for Family Life and Recovery, Inc.; in order to better serve those diagnosed with mental illness by helping “level the playing field.” Supportive Care Managers assist clients by providing care coordination service, medication management, assistance securing adequate housing and obtaining training and employment.

Teen Aggression Reduction (TAR)

Serves youth, ages 18 and below, who have engaged in bullying and/or other types of aggressive behavior. This program specifically focuses on issues surrounding youth violence and works to assist youth in reducing their involvement in verbal arguments, physical violence and property damage.

Thinking for Change (T4C)

Psycho-educational Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) group for ex-offenders. It is an evidence based program that is endorsed by the federal and state corrections departments. The T4C Program’s goal is to assist ex-offenders with transitioning successfully into the Community.