Alcohol and Athletes

Do you know an athlete? Do they celebrate their game day winnings with a beer, or bottle of champagne or even a night out with heavy drinking? The effects of alcohol on an athlete are brutal. Alcohol affects your motor skills, meaning an athlete won’t be able to move as quickly as they would if they were sober. Alcohol also increases an athletes risk for injury, with the decreased coordination it is easier for the athlete to hurt himself or herself. All while also delaying the healing process if they continue to drink while injured.

Athletes need a good nights’ sleep to perform well on and off the field. When alcohol is involved after the big win, this can damage the athletes’ sleep schedule, and sleep habits. Alcohol affects your sleep pattern by disrupting your restorative sleep cycles which decreases the quality of the sleep. The after party after the big win can also affect the athletes’ sleep schedule because he or she may stay out later than normal decreasing the duration of the sleep. Both of these factors is enough to damage the players’ performance on and off the field. If you know an athlete that is struggling with an alcohol-related concern, point them in the right direction such as a coach, or a physician to get help.



Posted by Bianca Bussey