Sun Catchers with Coloring Pages

Thron Park 200 N Levitt St., Rome, NY

OIL!! The key to creating these sun catchers is the oil. Applying oil to the paper creates more of a translucent look with paper. So, the sunlight can shine throughContinue reading →

Giant Diploma Gift

Thron Park 200 N Levitt St., Rome, NY

Congratulations “Class of 2022”! Your possibilities are endless!! Some of the lucky items you could include in the diploma are: a 4 Leaf clover set, a giant lucky penny, an elephant, aContinue reading →

DIY Bottle Cap Fishing Lure

Salvation Army 14 Clinton Place, Utica, NY

Calling all people who fish! Choosing brightly colored, flashy bottle caps. Remember the flashier and more vibrant it looks, the more attractive it will be to the fish! We willContinue reading →

Compeer Youth Wellness Group

Center for Family Life and Recovery, Inc. 502 Court Street, Suite 401, Utica, NY

We will be talking about the LGBTQ community & the importance of pride month. Please RSVP with Ashley if you plan on attending, (if you would like to attend butContinue reading →


Attention Parents….


CFLR in conjunction with Erin's Light will be presenting a new support group: The Light Carried....TLC The group will help you: Understand the challenges you face. Connect with others whoContinue reading →

Fishing Lures

Thron Park 200 N Levitt St., Rome, NY
Register now! Annual Tim Foley Golf Tournament!Register
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