A little something from our Recovery Department :)

Hello everyone!  My name is Katie Burns and I’m a CRPA-P in the Recovery Department here at CFLR.  It is my own personal mission to strengthen and maintain my community connections in the recovery world and man does this profession help me show case that!!  I am a single mommy to a funny, smart, active 8 year old who I can hardly keep up with but I sure do try!  Since being on my recovery journey I have met the most amazing people who have really helped enhance my new way of life.  But, it’s not always serious.  I’m the class clown.  I enjoy being the reason someone laugh’s today.  I love spontaneous hiking trips, and beach days, really anything outdoors and with my family and friends!  I strive to do better for myself and my son every single day.

My name is Robert Green I actively used for over twenty years of my life.  I lost both of my parents in my teenage years.  I never dealt with my grief correctly with no goals, accomplishments, or achievements I stayed in the misery of my addiction.  Until about almost seven years ago when I decided to seek outpatient treatment.  Which then lead to inpatient treatment.  Then I decided to become a Peer Advocate.  I’ve been enjoying life again with my family and newfound friends.  I previously worked at a local outpatient substance use disorder facility for two and a half years.  I’ve found a love for air plants or Tillandsia, keep walking the canal trails, and focus on eating healthy.  Remember RECOVERY is an ongoing process!  

Posted by Dominica Liscio