Employee Assistance Program

Transforming Workplace Wellness with CFLR EAP

At CFLR EAP, our comprehensive range of services supports employees in every aspect of their lives, from managing stress and anxiety to addressing family and addiction issues. Whether through telehealth counseling, in-person sessions, or hands-on employer training, we cultivate supportive and productive work environments. 

For over 50 years, CFLR EAP has been a beacon of excellence in workforce mental health, professional development, and organizational wellness. We partner with forward-thinking, wellness-focused employers who value authentic, compliant, and solution-oriented employee assistance programs. Together, we create healthier, happier, and more productive workplaces.  

With CFLR EAP, employees are not just numbers - they are valued individuals deserving of the best care possible. 

100% free and confidential mental health counseling for you and your family 

No co-pays and not tied to your insurance. 

Available to individuals, groups, or couples on the first day of employment 

In-person, phone, or virtual appointments with a credentialed counselor 

Exclusive access to our online EAP Wellness Portal 

Accessible anytime, anywhere. If you prefer to go online, you can visit our EAP Wellness Portal for 24/7 confidential access to over 25,000 educational resources and self-help tools to resolve personal problems and to grow personally and professionally. 

Please reach out to your HR, your employer, or CFLR EAP at 315.733.1726 or eap@cflrinc.org for your employer’s unique access code: 

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On-site or virtual trainings  

Available to all organizations, not just our EAP accounts. Topics range from Sexual Harassment and Mindfulness to Teambuilding, Leadership, and many more! 





Join us on this journey to create a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce! 

For a free demo, please contact: 

Sean Rafferty 

EAP Business Development Director 

(518) 951-5630 


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