Welcome to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered by the Center for Family Life and Recovery (CFLR) is a short-term counseling service that is voluntary and confidential.  At times, personal and work-related issues may be difficult to handle.  Small problems can grow into larger ones, and it may be unclear what to do.  Guidance from a trained professional can make all the difference, CFLR’s licensed professionals are only a phone call away.

What do we offer?

A safe and professional space for you and your household members to receive:

• Free short term counseling interventions, covered by your employer.
• Individual, couples, family and child counseling available.
• Unlimited assessment appointments.
• In person, over the phone and/or video chat options available.
• 4 locations; Utica, Rome, Herkimer and Syracuse.
• Affiliative counselors are available for those employees located 50+ miles from the central NY area.
• Appointments can be made by the individual, by suggestion from a supervisor/co-worker, or through a supervisory referral process.
• Completely confidential, we do not schedule back to back appointments within the same company to secure confidentiality. Identifying information is not reported back to the employer.
• Walk in appointments are not available, the Utica office is open until 8 PM Tuesday-Thursday for your convenience.  Please see our main page for all office hours.
• 24 hour live answering service for after business hours, weekends and Holidays.  You can call (315)-733-1726 or 1-800-729-6822.  You will also find more information in the EAP Training Catalog.

What kind of issues would I use EAP for?

Sometimes there is no identifiable issue, “counseling is a way to better yourself because something in your life has become unbalanced. Counselors can restore hope and help you to discover the balance you seek in thought and emotion.”

-Jennifer L. D’Amico, CFLR Counselor.

-Processing and support in navigating tough emotions and thoughts
-Substance use issues
-Job stress
-Intimate partner relationship issues
-Family conflict, including child/parent relational issues
-Financial or legal stress
-Mindfulness & relaxation skill building
-Work place conflicts
-Work/Life balance
-Decision making
-Anger management
-Emotional management
-Communication issues, including assertiveness skill building
-Conflict resolution
-Self-esteem/self-confidence skill building


Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) includes short-term counseling, consultation and training services.  Assistance with life issues and problems that impede productivity at work and/or at home.


When There's Help There's Hope