Center for Family Life and Recovery to offer 2 new classes: Anger management and Grief & Loss

Utica, New York – Center for Family Life and Recovery, Inc. (CFLR) is offering two new classes that are open to the public. These programs provide emotional support, validation, and education. “We are seeing the significant emotional damage Covid has left our community with and the losses it has caused many people to endure.” Says Erica Baslow, Family Prevention Specialist at CFLR. “We want to be able to provide support and education for anyone within the community who may be struggling”

Anger Management

Description: By working through this anger management program, individuals will be able to identify, and problem-solve stressors that lead to anger. They will learn effective communication and listening skills while also increasing empathy and emotional intelligence. We are aiming to improve stress management skills, identify and set healthy boundaries and learn to challenge irrational thoughts and beliefs.

When: August 9 – September 6. It is a 5-week program from 5-7 PM on Tuesdays.

Why: A formal anger management program provides structure to guide the change process, helps motivate participants and helps them recognize and be proud of the progress they have made.

Grief & Loss

Description: The goal of these groups is to help you complete your relationship to the pain, isolation and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss. While death and divorce may seem to be the most obvious losses, our groups are not limited to those losses. There are more than 40 life events that can produce feelings of grief.

When: August 8 – September 26. It is an 8-week program from 4-5 pm on Mondays.

Why: This program will help people process emotions and understand how they’re feeling.

Call for more info:

Erica Baslow
Family Prevention Specialist
Office: 315.737-2082
Cell: 315.795-6001
502 Court Street, Suite 401
Utica NY 13502

Center for Family Life and Recovery, Inc. is proud to be a leader in creating a world where people have the power to achieve and celebrate recovery. CFLR supports individuals and families struggling with addiction, mental health, and behavioral issues by inspiring hope, providing help, promoting wellness, and transforming lives. To learn more, visit or call (315) 733-1709.

Posted by Cassandra Sheets