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300 Blankets and Handwarmers will be handed out during Heartwarming Outreach

300 Blankets and Handwarmers will be handed out during Heartwarming Outreach

The ‘Warming Hearts Giveaway’ is made possible by the Center for Family Life and Recovery, Erin’s Light and the Utica Police Department.
Immediate Release UTICA/ROME, NY – Staff and volunteers from the Center for Family Life and Recovery, Erin’s Light and the Utica Police Department will be handing out blankets and hand warmers to those in recovery and to those in need on Wednesday, February 24, 2021.
Media outlets are invited to provide coverage during scheduled events:

February 24, 2021

  • HOPE HOUSE - 10 AM with UPD
  • The Hub Eatery - 11 AM with UPD
  • The Warming Station 11:30 AM with UPD
  • STREET OUTREACH 12:00-4:00 UPD

CFLR will be joined in partnership with UPD and visit various areas in the City of Utica where the homeless population tends to congregate. We will offer hope and support.

It is a great honor to support and collaborate with Erin’s Light, and our UPD partners, stated Cassandra Sheets, CFLR, CEO, “Erin’s Mom always shares with us her daughter’s vision that every recovering individual needs some Love, Inspiration, Grace, Hope. Recovery is possible. In that process, we are proud to be able to offer help that lets families and individuals have hope.”

The Center for Family Life and Recovery would like to thank everyone who made this event possible through their donations to the program. A special thank you to Utica Police Department for their support.





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2020 World Kindness Day

This Friday, 11/13, is World Kindness Day.  As an effort to spread kindness our Prevention team has been working hard to implement kindness affirmations in the schools we work in, our CFLR office, and throughout social media.  We all know times are tough for many people and you never know who just needs a kind act or word.  I promise you that any effort put into being kind to someone else, you will not regret.  Regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, beliefs, etc, everyone deserves, and could use, an act of kindness these days.

~Kristina Lindberg, CFLR Prevention Specialist




Put on some ‘feel-good’ music, get out your craft supplies, and get creative! Painting is a really good way to relax and rocks are everywhere!! You can paint kind words or pictures and put them on neighbors porches, decorate your home, or pass them to friends to spread kindness. Remember, no act is too small.

-The Prevention Team















Happy World Kindness Day!
Thank you to everyone who is doing their part to spread kindness!

Here are some ways you can continue to show your kindness:
• Ask someone how they’re doing
• Tell someone something you like about them
• Buy the order of the car behind you in a drive thru (if your able)
• Let others know what they mean to you
• Hold the door for the person behind you
• Send a letter to a friend
• Buy a gift
• Bake for someone
• Smile at others you pass by (it’s hard with masks but even with your eyes or saying hello can make someone feel seen)
• And so much more!! Be creative!

Don’t forget, being kind to yourself is one of the most important things you can do to show your self-respect. It will also be easier to be kind to others when your kind to yourself. Have a Good Day!!

-The Prevention Team

Kindness is an act of love, and when we show kindness to ourselves by being gentle, compassionate, encouraging, supportive, and accepting of who we are at this exact moment, unapologetically… the ability to show kindness to others becomes a thoughtless action. Experiencing the serenity that is born from showing kindness to yourself, makes offering kindness to others an effortless gift.

How can you show yourself kindness today?

• Buy flowers for yourself
• Send yourself a Thank You card for all the ways you show up for you and others
• Take yourself out to dinner or a cup of coffee
• Draw yourself a hot bath and put on the comfiest jammies you own

After you show yourself kindness and recharge with some much needed self-care, pay an act of kindness forward…..a simple hello and smile to a stranger as you pass by is all it takes for the ripple of kindness to begin…..

“Kindness is the ability to know what the right thing to do is and having the courage to do it!"




"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!"

-George Elliston

The Recovery & Family Support Navigation Staff (Ambi, Erin, Katie, Michelle, Tim, Sarah, Bonnie)……

Wish you a beautiful day wrapped in sunshine & kindness.

Our CFLR Herkimer PINS Unit shared kindness by treating each other to snacks/drinks from the office. Let’s keep spreading kindness everywhere!

(From left to right: PINS Counselor Heidi Gates, FSW Keshonna Griffith-Gabeaud, FSW Gracie Schrader, CFLR Senior Sandy Seaman, PA Jennifer Morey, FSW Alexis Dekanek.)

A special thanks to DSS Supervisor JoAnn Mower for taking this photo.

“Goodness is about character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.”
Dennis Prager

“Goodness is about character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.”
Dennis Prager


Let us be kind to ourselves. Let us remember we are doing what we can, the best we can at this moment. Let us remember we judge ourselves so much more harshly than others do. Let us remember we are all incredibly, wonderfully perfectly imperfect. Let us remember to love ourselves as those perfectly imperfect beings. We all have so much to offer this agency and our community and most importantly ourselves.

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Red Ribbon Week!

This week is Red Ribbon Week, a national drug prevention and education event. The 2020 Theme is “Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free.” “This theme encourages children, families and communities to live healthy, happy and drug-free lives. It also serves as a reminder that we are all empowered with shaping the communities around us through positivity, bravery and strength.” The prevention department has been very busy in our local schools and in the community, preparing for Red Ribbon Week.  Here are some photos’ of bulletin board decorations in Adirondack and Camden schools; the students’ loved participating with this event and we look forward to doing other prevention campaigns in the future.

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Senior Take Back Days!

A big shout out to Kristina Lindberg for doing an awesome job working with the UPD to begin our Senior Kick Off of Take Back Days. Our Prevention Team will also be working with the UPD on 10-22 at Schulyer Commons 9-10:30 and Perritta Twin Tower of the Housing Authority 11-12:30. If you know anyone living in either of these sites please let them know about this so they can prepare to dispose.

Anyone can take part in National Take Back Day on Saturday, October 24th. Get rid of all expired and unused prescribed and OTC medications, including pet meds. This is proactive prevention at its finest by each and every one of us participating we decrease the likelihood of children and/or those struggling with substance use disorder to obtain these drugs. You do not have to wait until the National Take Back Day, we have many MedReturn Units in our county to drop off at any time.



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