CFLR Urges Parents to Get Informed on Youth Opioid Crisis

Utica, NY – With the recent news story of seven West Point Academy cadets who overdosed on cocaine laced with fentanyl during spring break, the Center for Family Life and Recovery is urging parents to educate themselves and their children on the rising risks of opioid use, particularly drugs laced with fentanyl. As of 3/9 in Oneida county alone there have been 49 non-fatal overdoses and 6 fatal overdoses.

Overdoses are happening in every community. People are dying, our youth and young adults are dying– this is a crisis.” says Director of Prevention Services, Jodi Klostreich at the Center for Family Life and Recovery. “With the rise in mental health issues among our youth, they are taking more risks with substances and alcohol. And now, fentanyl-laced drugs have become the next wave of the opioid crisis. CFLR wants every parent and community member to know the trends, and to share with their children that drugs are not safe, and dealers don’t care if there is loss of life…it’s a business, and that is it.”  She also states, “It’s so easy to lace any substance or beverage and you won’t know it, smell it, it won’t even look different.

According to a United State Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) official, “Pills and other potent drugs on our streets are everywhere and no one is immune to accidentally overdosing if they use or abuse drugs. Heroin and fentanyl should be a conversation with our youth. Fentanyl is 100 times more powerful than morphine.  As little as one gram of fentanyl can kill 500 people. It doesn’t take a lot to kill.”

CFLR wants parents and community members to also be trained and educated on Naloxone (Narcan) and why it’s so critical to have on hand. In an overdose situation, Narcan can possibly save someone’s life.

CFLR offers FREE NARCAN education and training.  If your school, agency, college, or any community members want to know more about CFLR’s Prevention and Recovery Department’s programs and services, call CFLR’s main line at (315)733-1709.  If you think your loved one is already dealing with an addiction, CFLR offers family support services as well. For more information on the many services and programs we offer, visit

Posted by Cassandra Sheets