Connecting with Love

The addiction and recovery journeys are challenging ones.  They come with tests and triggers, and everyday life stresses.  One of the pieces that remains so consistent is knowing there is love on the journey.  Even at the worst of the challenges, we see love in our community, with family members, friends, and even strangers.  Allies in the journey are sometimes the foundation that create the stepping-stones to success.

What does it mean to be part of the stepping-stones across the raging river?

  • It can mean supporting someone in the way they will accept it.
  • Maybe, active listening without fixing.
  • Sometimes, it’s just holding space.
  • Often, it’s getting out there and doing something fun and not focusing on the problems at all!
  • It could be boundary setting to guide independent success.
  • At times, finding resources to new paths.

All of the time… it’s about connection and the relationship you have together.

One of the most beautiful successes that many families find through this journey is how to connect and be stronger together.  The strength and growth in the family that may not have happened if addiction and Recovery were never part of their lives, many call it a gift of addiction.


Posted by Wendy Stevens