National Counseling Awareness Month – Teal Day

CFLR Celebrates Teal Day and National Counseling Awareness Month

American Counseling Association (ACA) designates April of each year as Counseling Awareness Month, a time of advocacy for the profession and celebration of the outstanding efforts of counselors in myriad settings as they seek to facilitate the growth and development of all people. To help raise awareness, CFLR will be participating in Teal Day on April 9th. Friday, April 9th is Teal Day; we encourage everyone to wear teal to support the nationwide effort to raise awareness of counselors and promote mental health during Counseling Awareness Month.

70-90% of people who seek treatment for mental health witness a significant reduction in symptoms, according to the ACA.

Counseling in the United States and the world is delivered via many human service settings and can be found in a variety of institutions. These professionals work with people across the life span, from childhood through the senior years. This year’s theme—The Future is… Self-Care, Advocacy and Inclusion #BurnBrightNotOut—is focused on some of the avenues that will help ensure a brighter future for counselors, their clients and the counseling profession.

Center for Family Life and Recovery offers help through the Employee Assistance Program (“EAP”).  EAP services help covered individuals and their families cope with the changes during this uncertain time, including pandemic fatigue. The EAP provides short-term assessment and referral counseling services. Primarily, counseling is provided virtually, but some limited in-person services are available, too. Besides counseling, the EAP team can help employers with training and education for their workforces. To see if you qualify for EAP counseling, or to learn more, please visit or call the Utica office at 315-733-1709 for more information

Posted by Cassandra Sheets