Return to School Survival Kit for Parents and Kids:

CFLR’s EAP team has put together a list of teaching resources to help make the 2020 school year a little less stressful.


You can access all of the following with just a click of the link.


KidsEduc – Kids Educational Games – All Ages

The Organic Chemistry Tutor 10 and up

Language Arts:

Alphablocks 3 to 7

Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel


Mark Rober 8 and up

It’s Okay To Be Smart All ages

SciShow Kids 5 to 12

It’s AumSum Time 5 to 12

Social Studies:

Absolute History ages 12 and up

Extra Credits 6 and up

Geography Now 10 and up

Liberty’s Kids – WildBrain 6 to 10

ALL Subjects:

CrashCourse 6 and up

Mr. DeMaio 8 and up

Homeschool Pop 4 and up

Smile and Learn 6 and up (this channel also does Foreign Languages

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