Center for Family Life and Recovery, Inc. Erin’s Light Hope Bag Deliveries A Success

Utica, New York (December 2023) – Center for Family Life and Recovery, Inc. (CFLR), in collaboration with #ErinsLight and the Utica Police Department, completed an outreach effort delivering warmth and hope this month to those struggling with homelessness and recovery. They successfully delivered 275 Hope Bags at various locations within the Utica community, which included:

  • Emmaus House, 1616 Rutger St. House, Parker St. House
  • The Salvation Army
  • Drop-In Center at The Utica Rescue Mission
  • Hope House

A Hope bag contains items such as lipstick, nail polish, sunscreen, nail files, toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, sunscreen, and a resource guide on who they can reach out to when they are ready. This helps to achieve one of CFLR’s goals which is to promote self-care in local homeless and our substance use disorder populations. “Being able to contribute to the community was truly fulfilling, knowing that even a small effort can create positive change and strengthen the bonds with our community neighbors. Experiencing their overwhelming gratitude was heartwarming and a powerful reminder of the profound impact we make,” says Katie Burns, Recovery Coordinator.

Erin’s Light also offers a bi-weekly support group for individuals who have lost a loved one to overdose or addiction. Days and times can be found on our website on the calendar page.

Join the Center for Family Life and Recovery’s HOPE Circle by committing to a small gift of $5 or more per month. Become part of an exclusive group dedicated to providing sustaining support all year in easy to manage, automatic gifts. Join the HOPE Circle today!

Center for Family Life and Recovery, Inc. is proud to be the area’s leading expert in advocacy, prevention, counseling, and employee assistance programs. Along with supporting individuals and families struggling with addiction and recovery, mental health, and behavioral issues, CFLR’s goal is to inspire hope, provide help, promote wellness, and transform lives. To learn more, visit

Posted by Cassandra Sheets