Oneida County Heroin/Opiate Task Force

Utica, New York (June 2016) – On Thursday, June 9th, 2016, The Oneida County Heroin/Opiate Task Force and it partner agencies, will be holding a forum on Sports Injuries: “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”, Athletes, Injuries, and Narcotics. At 5:00, there will be a mixer with snacks and beverages and the public will have the opportunity to meet with local agencies where there will be free information and the ability to ask questions. At 5:30 the forum will begin and last until 6:30. The forum will be held at Mohawk Valley Community College (1101 Sherman Drive), Payne Hall Room 101. There will be a special focus on educating and bringing awareness to sports injuries and more holistic approaches to offer pain management than using opioids to control or “mask” the pain. This event is free and open to the public.

Jodi Warren, Prevention Coordinator of CFLR, Inc., and member of Oneida County’s Heroin/Opiate Task Force states, “This forum will provide information on how to manage pain in a more holistic way when an athlete sustains a sports injury rather then turning to a substance that could potentially lead to addiction. There is an epidemic amongst us with opiate and heroin use and athletes many times have their first experience with opiates when a sports injury occurs and sometimes can, and does lead to addiction. Being a former collegiate athlete and having two teens that have played sports for years I know all too well how competitive athletes are, and sometimes when a sports injury occurs the athlete will want to get back on the ice, field, court etc. way too soon. The athlete may use opiates as a means to mask the pain just to play, yet not thinking about the potential damage it can do with not only causing more injury but possibly starting a cycle of addiction. The consequences can be extremely harmful.”

The forum will have an opening speaker, Joshua Wright who was a former local athlete that endured sports injuries in high school which started his use of opiates and eventually lead to addiction of opioids/heroin. Now, in recovery Joshua wants to prevent and educate so that other athletes don’t go down the same path. There will also be other panelists as well; Adam Ellis (Chiropractor), Steve Nunno (Athletic Trainer), Tim Madden (Physical Therapist), Jodi Warren (Parent), Krysta Beha (Collegiate Athlete), Sgt. Terrance Gilbert (Coach).

For more information about the Forum, or if you are an agency that wants to have a table at the forum, please contact Jodi Warren, Prevention Coordinator, at (315) 768-2643 or

Posted by Ambi Daniel