Populations Served

CFLR, Inc. will provide counseling at the general self-pay fee to individual regardless of residence who has general counseling needs and can travel to a CFLR office. Those seeking specialized services or wish to utilize a third party payment or have payment be subsidized under a grant must meet criteria according to those payment sources.

  • Self-Referrals and Referrals
  • Self-Pay, Payment by Contract, and Payment through Grants
  • Children, Teens, and Adults
  • Male and Female
  • Individuals, Couples, and Families

Counseling for everyday life stressors including, but not limited to, family and other relationship issues, emotional management, marital counseling.


We also provide counseling for those dealing with specific issues for which we specialize:

  • Minors who have been sexually abused
  • Minors and adults with sexual behavior problems or sexually abusive behavior
  • Adults who have been abusive to romantic partners (mandated clients only)
  • Anger management and aggression reduction
  • Dealing with family members who have substance abuse issues
  • Reunification of family members who have been separated because of child abuse and neglect
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