Behavioral Support


  • Social/emotional skill building
  • Sensory integration
  • Self-regulation skill building
  • Data collection/analysis
  • Check-In/Check-Out Services
  • Intervention Services
  • Abuse/Violence Prevention
  • Open house/ PTA engagement
  • Specific education and trainings
  • Tutoring services with area college students

Thea Bowman House children and staff speak about their Prevention Programming:

The Children's Remarks...

"My favorite part is everything you taught us about how to have better self-esteem. My most favorite part is how you taught us how to deal with stress." - A.C.

"My favorite part was when we couldn't talk to figure out what we were saying. What I gained from the program is how we don't have to talk all the time." -T.R., 11

"My favorite lesson in this class is the one where we communicated without talking. That was a good lesson because it helps you talk to deaf people." -H.L.

"My favorite part was when we played telephone, it was fun! What I gained from this program was about not smoking because it's bad for you." -A.K., 11

"My favorite part about this program was when we played the communication activity. I gained self-confidence from this group and learned not to smoke because it is bad for you." –D.L.

"My favorite part of this program is the angel and devil activity. What I gained from this program is the importance of smoking consequences. What I also learned from the program is how to communicate without talking. I also gained a way to be more assertive and lastly, I learned how to deal with peer pressure." -A.L., 10

"My favorite part of this program is when we popped the bubble wrap to show the effects of smoking and how to deal with peer pressure." -V.T.,10

"My favorite part of this program was learning nonverbal communication. I gained knowledge about standing up for myself." - Z.H.

"My favorite part about this program is that we get to share our feeling and let it show that we're going through something. I also learned what could happen when you smoke and to talk without using your voice." –A.C., 10

The Staff's Remarks...

"My favorite part was the peaceable part. I love the saying be peaceable. Too Good for Violence was a nice saying and went along with the program. The girls were prepared and well knowledge on the subject. Looking forward to next year." -Thea Bowman Staff Member, Kindergarten

"Too Good or Violence was a wonderful program that our class was looking forward to every week! Our children continue to use the positive communication skills that this program taught. Thank you for spending time with our children and helping us to become a more peaceful classroom!" -Thea Bowman Staff Member, Kindergarten

"My favorite part of the program was seeing all the children working together and learning to communicate with each other. I thought the smoking and the communication lesson gave lots of information and captured the children's attention. I enjoyed working with the ladies, great program! Thank you."-Thea Bowman Staff Member, Kindergarten

"My favorite part of the class would be how the Prevention staff taught the kids' different things about what's going on with our youth today. I learned from this program that today kids are easily influenced today. I think this program helps kids with making better decisions." -Thea Bowman Staff Member

Prevention Intern:

"This internship opened my eyes to the importance of prevention, advocacy, and recovery. It also taught me a lot about myself as a person. My supervisor, Jodi Warren is so passionate about her job and it truly inspired me, and she also was charismatic and had a positive attitude while at the agency. She taught me the importance of prevention but also showed it through her attitude, work ethic, and how she treated others. I realize that prevention is important for creating a supportive community that allows others to thrive and grow. I believe that CFLR has an amazing team and vision and is making a difference every day. I am beyond grateful for my time spent at CFLR and blessed to have had this intern opportunity. I will forever be grateful for the experience." - Kaitlyn M. undergraduate intern from SUNY POLY

Madison Oneida BOCES students speak about their Prevention Programming:

"I enjoyed this group, I gained from this group that drugs are bad". - H.N

"This group made me think, my drug habit is not worth it". – Danielle P.

"My favorite part of this program was learning how bad substances are, and that you shouldn’t do them".  - Anonymous

"I learned that using drugs isn’t the answer and to stay away from them". - Gene. H

"My favorite part of this program was the conversations held by the students after the intro to the lesson was started. I learned as sessions went on, the trust of the group grew and kids became more open and honest. Conversations continued days after the group using the vocab learned in the group. The presenter gained the trust and respect of our students in a quick fashion. This is usually uncommon with our alternative population". – Staff at MO BOCES Alternative Education Program

Student and Teacher Quotes from Prevention Services:

"Doing this program, it made me think about what I am doing to my body and brain that isn’t good." - Student at Rome CSD

"I learned a lot about substance use and how the brain feeds on it when you become addicted, I realized now that it is really a brain disease." - Teacher at Oriskany CSD

"We need to have prevention in all our schools and parents need to be educated as well. I am a teacher and a parent of three children. I now know how to talk to my kids because of what I learned from the Prevention Director at CFLR. I am so grateful that she came into my classes and provide valuable information to my students but also me as well. Thank you Jodi Warren." - Teacher at Camden CSD

"I like Ms. Warren because she helped me with my feelings and my family issues and I learned to understand them and how to cope better with things in my life and how to know and understand where my feelings are coming from."  - Student at Rome CSD

"I didn’t think that vaping was bad until I did this program. I thought it was flavored water I was vaping but it's not, it has dangerous chemicals in it." - Student at Rome CSD

"I was shocked to learn how bad vaping actually is and how it can be addicting." - Student at Waterville CSD

“I have learned to stop vaping because I now know it is harmful. I was vaping and getting into trouble a lot with other people but now I am not anymore because of having this program. I have gotten my grades up too and passing classes. We talked a lot about making good decisions and how I shouldn’t be reactive. So now I think before I do things. I hope I can be in this program again next year it helped me a lot. Thank you. “ Middle School Student at Rome CSD

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