Compeer’s Purpose: Promoting good mental health through meaningful friendships.

Values:  Respect • Trust • Hope • Support • Empowerment

Compeer recruits, screens, and matches trained volunteers and mentors in one-to-one supportive friendships with children, adults, military veterans and seniors who are striving for good mental health.

CFLR’s Compeer Mentoring Program aims to improve mental health and decrease social-emotional barriers by matching community volunteers to youths, adults, & seniors receiving mental health services in Oneida and Herkimer Counties.

In order to support their recovery, we match trained volunteers with "friends" to help them learn:

  • about friendship,
  • positive social skills,
  • social bonding, and trust.

Just one caring friend is life changing for an individual striving for mental wellness.

Mentoring opportunities include:

1:1 Adult Friendship:  Volunteer/friend is matched with an adult or senior with a mental health diagnosis

1:1 Youth Friendship: Volunteer/friend is matched to a youth struggling with at risk behaviors or youth with a mental diagnosis

E-Buddies: Volunteer/friend is matched to provide friendship to adults over call/text/video chat/social media

Meet some of our Compeer "friends" in need of a "match":


We offer weekly social events to provide opportunities to:

  • get to know other peers,
  • reduce isolation, and
  • improve socialization

Compeer also offers school-based mentoring to middle and high school students in small groups and one-on-one settings to promote positive behavior, leading to successful outcomes in and out the classroom.

Volunteering with Compeer is a rewarding way to give back to your community and bring positivity and hope into the life of an individual in need. If you think you are the right person to provide meaningful friendship to an individual in need, please call our office (315) 733-1709 to learn more!

+Refer a client

Compeer Referral Child and Youth

Compeer Referral Adult

+Become a mentor/volunteer

Compeer Vol Appl (CFLR)

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