Center for Family Life and Recovery, Inc. Participated in Stand Up for Recovery Day

Utica, New York (February 2024) – Center for Family Life and Recovery, Inc. (CFLR) participated in this week’s Stand Up for Recovery Day on Tuesday, February 13th, 2024. Recovery advocates across New York State gathered in Albany to call upon the Governor and Legislature to address the ongoing need for additional resources to promote and support recovery from alcohol and other drug addictions.

The day began at 8:30 am with advocates gathering and advocacy groups dispersed to meet with legislative representatives. These were leaders of the recovery movement, individuals and family members living in recovery, and professionals like those from CFLR encouraging local, state, and national governmental officials who are decision-makers about the Recovery Movement.

“Stand Up for Recovery Day reminds us that courage isn’t just about facing adversity, it’s about standing tall together in the pursuit of healing and hope for the recovery community. We utilized our voices when meeting with the constituents to stand up together to speak up for the needs of the community,” said Katie Burns, Recovery Coordinator with CFLR.

Center for Family Life and Recovery, Inc. is proud to be the area’s leading expert in advocacy, prevention, counseling, and employee assistance programs. Along with supporting individuals and families struggling with addiction and recovery, mental health, and behavioral issues, CFLR’s goal is to inspire hope, provide help, promote wellness, and transform lives. To learn more, visit

Posted by Cassandra Sheets