Supervisor Resources

CFLR EAP offers unlimited supervisor/manager consultations from EAP Counselors experienced in employee performance management.  The purpose is to provide immediate expert consultation for supervisors/managers faced with any issues that have the potential to negatively impact the workplace.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Employee performance and productivity
  • Workplace violence and harassment
  • Drug-free workplace and substance abuse
  • Coping with change
  • Grief, trauma and/or loss at the work site
  • Diversity
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Making EAP referrals

Other forms and resources documents:

The Supervisory Referral Process

  1. Inform your Human Resources Department or identified contact that you would like to make a supervisory referral.
  2. Meet with the employee to explain performance-related concerns. Share information about the Employee Assistance Program.  Explain that employee is being referred as a “Supervisory Referral” to the Employee Assistance Program- a short-term assessment and referral counseling service that is free and confidential.  The goal of Supervisory Referrals is for the employee to be empowered to make a positive change, resulting in improved workplace performance.
  3. You, as the supervisor, can request telephonic updates from the Employee Assistance Program Counselor about attendance as the employee attends sessions. Human Resources will receive a final letter of positive or negative compliance at the close of the case for the personnel file. Further information can only be obtained if there is a release of information on file for the employee.
  4. Instruct the employee that they should call the Employee Assistance Program at (315) 733-1726 or 1-800-729-6822 to set up an appointment. You, as the supervisor, may call and set up the appointment for your employee if deemed necessary.  When calling, specify “Supervisory Referral.”
  5. Gather any supporting documentation and fill out the form on reverse.
  6. Fax form and supporting documentation to the Employee Assistance Program’s confidential fax at (315) 733-1789.  The assigned Counselor will review these materials prior to the first session of the employee and will contact you if there are any questions.
  7. Supervisory Referrals are a minimum of 2 appointments. Appointments are typically weekly and are booked according to the availability of the employee to come in for appointments.  A variety of times and dates are available.
  8. A letter of compliance or non-compliance is sent out at the close of the case to Human Resources.
  9. Questions about the Supervisory Referral process may be directed to the assigned Counselor or to the EAP Coordinator.
  10. Non-compliance or no-show clients that do not call to reschedule will generate an automatic letter of non-compliance.

Please Note:

EAP attendance cannot be used as a condition of continued employment.  A referral to EAP, however, demonstrates that you have provided a reasonable accommodation to the employee to aid in addressing personal/work issues.  Employees do not have to use the EAP, but they do need to change performance behavior.  Therefore, if an employee refuses to use EAP, remind him/her that performance still needs to change and the EAP is one path to helping him/her change behavior.  An appropriate statement for referring an employee is, “I would like you to make an appointment with EAP” and then offer to assist in making the call from your office.  Always document that you made a supervisory referral.

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